Represented by Office Space Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah



2019       School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA, Painting and Drawing Department, Chicago, IL

               New Artist Society Merit Scholarship (full merit)

2016       University of Missouri, BFA Painting, Columbia, MO





2021       Office Space Gallery [forthcoming fall]

2020      Mooshu, Donkey, and the Floating Wor(l)ds, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, Columbia, MO [09] 

2014       Imaginative Play, Craft Studio Gallery, Columbia, MO [06]




2022.      Digital Works Group Show, Office Space Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT [forthcoming 01]  


2021        Art Fair 14C, Mana Contemporary, New Jersey City, NJ [forthcoming 11 ]

                Holsum Gallery, Kansas City, MO [forthcoming 11 ]

               Cafe Cà Phê, pop up exhibition for moon festival, Kansas City, MO [forthcoming 09]

               Restraint and Limitation, (Traveling exhibit) Freeark Gallery, Riverside, IL [05]


               Train to My Dream, Workshop 4200, Chicago IL [03]

2020       Art in the Post, Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL [09]


                 Flat Files, Collar Works, Curated by Jessica Cannon, Troy, NY [2020-2021]


                 ASYAAF, Gallery LVS & Crafts, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea [07]


                  Still Relevant, Happy Gallery Chicago, Chicago, IL [05]


                  Touch, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL [forthcoming 05]


                  Art-In-Place, Terrain Exhibitions and CNL Projects, Chicago, IL [05]

                  Virtual Exhibition, Suspension Galleries, Chicago, IL [forthcoming 05]

                 Gummies Gallery with Pocke Gallery, Tokyo, Japan [forthcoming 05]

                Fe*Mail*Art: 2020 Postcard Exhibition, Air Gallery, Brooklyn, NY [02]


                Time Stamp, Parlour and Ramp Gallery, Chicago, IL [01]


2019         Homesick Remedy, JAW Gallery, Yamaguchi, Japan [10]


                   Housing Memories, Site specific outdoor Installation, Yamaguchi, Japan [09]


                   Back to School 2019, FDC Studios, Chicago, IL [09]


                   GIFC, Agnes B Galerie, Tokyo,  Japan [08]


                 Pane in The Ass, JAW Gallery, Chicago, IL [08]


                 The Turf, The Research House for Asian Art, Chicago, IL [05]


                 With a Capital P: Selections by Six Painters, Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL [05]


                 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL [04]

                 GIFCWestern Exhibitions, Chicago, IL [03]


2018         Some Compendium of Mania, School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL [11] 

                 In Conversation WithSchool of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL [11]


                 Restraint & Limitation (traveling exhibit)Elder Gallery, Lincoln, NE [10]


2016          10th Annual State of the Arts, R.G. Endres Gallery, Prairie Village, KS [10]


                   Inside VoicesColumbia Art League, Columbia, MO [01]


2015           Evoke, Imago Gallery, Columbia, MO

                  Curator: Matt Ballou [Associate Professor, University of Missouri] [08]


                  Senior Exhibition, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, Columbia, MO [05]


                  Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, Columbia, MO

                   Juror:  Joel Sager, [02]


2014           Boone County Art Show, Boone County National Bank, Columbia, MO [10]


2013           Boone County Art Show, Boone County National Bank, Columbia, MO [10]


                   One Read Art Exhibit, Orr Street Studios, Columbia, MO [09]


                   CAL Members Summer Open, Columbia Art League, Columbia, MO [06]


                   Art After Dark, Museum of Art and Archaeology, Columbia, MO [04]



2020         Contributing Writer, Aoyama Design Forum 「青山デザインフォーラム」[Jan-present]


2019           Guest Curator, for JAW Gallery, Homesick Remedy, Yamaguchi, Japan [Oct]


2018           Graduate Noon Time Lecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago [October]


                  Teaching Assistant, Figure Drawing: Multi-level for Celeste Rapone [Fall]


2017           Teaching Assistant, Painting Practice for Dan Devening [Spring]


                  Teaching Assistant, Painting Practice for George Liebert [Fall]


2016           Kansas City Artists Coalition, Member [May - present]


2015           Summer Intern, Development Department, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art,

                   Kansas City, MO [July-October]



2019            Etsuko Residency, Yamaguchi, Japan (June-Sep)


2017            New Artist Society Merit Scholarship, Full tuition

                   School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2013            Honorable Mention, Boone County Art Show, Boone County National Bank, Columbia, MO






                   A painting selected for the cover art of West Branch, a literary journal, Sep 1, 2021


                     The Maneater, "New Exhibit 'Mooshu, Donkey, and the Floating Wor(l)ds' makes its debut at George Caleb 

                   Bingham Gallery" Charlie Recchia, Oct 21, 2020.



                     New American Paintings, MFA Annual, Issue #147 2020


                     Waki Channel, TV interview for Homesick Remedy, Nov 4, 2019


                     TYS TV Yamaguchi, TV interview for Homesick Remedy, Oct 28, 2019



                     ADF Magazine, "Homesick Remedy- JAW in Japan", Yuji Kumon, Oct 23, 2019


         Mainichi Newspaper, Interview for Homesick Remedy, Oct 21, 2019



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                    Studio Visit Magazine, Issue 32, 2016


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                    The Maneater, “Imaginative Play to open at Craft Studio,” Maddie Magruder, June 3, 2014, [Photo & Article]



                     Columbia Missourian, “Art Talk:Art invites us to use our imagination like children do,” Joy Mayer, May 28, 2014