June 22, 2020

Head over to read an interview with a Kansas City artist, Bobby Haulotte.


June 22, 2020

Head over and read an interview with Budgie Birka-

White who runs Extase apartment gallery in Chicago.

June 22, 2020

Head over and read an interview with Morgan Mandalay.


July 9, 2017

My grandma was a phenomenal caretaker. She provided for me in so many ways with my needs. When I needed anything, she was always right beside me. I was a sensitive, shy, and reserved little girl. Caring for me was not an easy task by any manner of means. And to be care...

June 27, 2016

I had a chance to go see Lisa Yuskavage's show in April at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.

What I admire about her work is that there are so many information packed in one painting. There is a story, a narrative being told.

Poetic is another word I use to describe her...

March 16, 2016




Today, I went to see an exhibition by my former professor, Lampo Leong at Imago Gallery and cultural Center.



My first body of work was created under his teachings and I had a solo exhibition in the same year. Before I took his class, I didn't fully understand the c...

December 23, 2015

For the last few years, as I got to understand more about myself, I found out my deepest desire; to be valued and respected.


I practice it in both everyday life and when I'm creating an identity as an artist. Learning to say no, making smart choices, showing up on time...

October 7, 2015





May 26, 2015

Last night when I was researching online, hoping to find something  that will be useful to incorporate  in my paintings, I came across an interesting article covering Japan's famous all women's theatre group called Takarazuka Revue or  宝塚歌劇団.



May 17, 2015


Here are the few pictures from our senior show held at George Caleb Bingham Gallery.




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