|     2015

My new body of work explores my bicultural identity and its experience. Growing up both in Japan and the United States, I often questioned my identity. Conforming to either one often felt isolated. Isolation and confusion that comes from biculturalism but positive feelings such as empowerment, fluidity, and understanding are a big part of the identity as well. Things that appear in my paintings are often from day-to-day encounters living in the midwest, memories and pictures while in Japan, and Japanese and American iconographies. These sources amalgamate to create a bizarre psychological space. Emotional intensity is heightened by choices of saturated color and tension between each source.


My work flutters around the visual language of collage. Before paint goes on yupo, the painting is planned in Photoshop. I import multiple sources and play around with size, composition, and color. Some parts are just made with solid shapes and some have a great amount of details drawn with crayon. This tension between loaded vs void information is what I like to play around with. When the viewers get close to the paintings, they will notice some areas are matte and some are glossy. This difference in surface treatment makes seeing my work in person exciting.