My new body of work is playful, experimental, and personal. I make work about the story of my bicultural identity and upbringing. For people who possess two distinct cultures, we are often subject to feelings of confusion, frustration, and isolation. I came to a realization recently that we have a better understanding of each other’s intentions and help to problem solve to find a middle ground. I believe it is a privilege to have access to different cultures and my work focuses on its positive side of the bicultural identity. 


Two different sources- floating Japanese characters and abstracted imagery flutter between tension and harmony. Leaving Japan and relocating to the U.S. Midwest at an early age, most of my early language has been forgotten or never learned. Recently, the desire to teach Japanese and internet accessibility has led me to become serious about my language studies. References to the midwestern landscape and memories from Japan can be gleaned from the intimate wall sculptures, block prints, watercolors with funky wood frames, and mixed media collages.

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