Skye’s new works on paper explores her current experience and process of re-learning Japanese. Leaving Japan and relocating to the Midwest of the U.S. at an early age, most of the vocabulary is forgotten or never learned. It is very recent that the prevalence of the internet and her inner desire to teach the language caused her to study the language seriously. The word she is currently studying is chosen for each painting. She then cuts out the characters and organizes in a pictorial space in a collage-like manner. This deconstructing and constructing process equals how she is learning to understand and memorize a word. Readily available materials such as crayons, gouache, masking tape, and yupo paper are used. With these materials, she is looking to achieve variations in textures in each painting. Crayons going over the roughness of the masking tape collides with acrylic paint on glossy yupo paper.

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