Last Day of Undergraduate Studies

May 15, 2015


Today was the last day of class & critique for my undergraduate studies. I was able to look back and let out a temporary sigh of relief because this semester was a bumpy ride. Examining my paintings during critique, I have to say this last semester was the best semester out of all. Everything became clearer to me. I was able to drastically improve my body of work by understanding the usage of visual language, connect with histories and my own heritage. And there are also the regrets: I could have studied harder. I could have asked more questions. I could have... I'm sure these thoughts are not inclusive to me but for every student as well.



Coming to Mizzou opened up a lot of doors for me. One of them, having the opportunity and courage to have my first solo show at Craft Studio. There are list of things I can do better for the next one. I learned a lot about myself through this process. 


Time that I have between now to grad school, I hope to deeply analyze my works and keep producing more paintings. During school, pushing myself to produce was my priority and evaluation became second. It is a perfect time to think about what was said in the critique and how I can improve them further.


Thank you for all the professors who gave me heartfelt advice and my colleagues who grew with me together. I hope everyone the best and wish everyone a wonderful creative life,



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