Takarazuka Revue

Last night when I was researching online, hoping to find something that will be useful to incorporate in my paintings, I came across an interesting article covering Japan's famous all women's theatre group called Takarazuka Revue or 宝塚歌劇団.


Takarazuka Revue was founded in 1914, now consisting total of 400 unmarried actresses. What made this theatre group famous was half of the actresses successfully playing male roles. They can choose which gender to play in the beginning when they get accepted in the theatre. Many pick male roles, seeing its popularity. Its genres include fantasy, science fiction, to historical drama.


I made an interesting correlation between daughters who grew up with absent fathers to these talented actresses playing male roles. If you have been following my recent works, I'm exploring the psychology of these daughters. They often become masculine, adopting what is considered male roles, in hope to try to fill aspects that are missing in their lives. Both of these actresses and daughters consists of acting, to put on a show. Actresses' learned masculinity is often carried out to their private lives. Some refuse to wear a skirt because they believe it might interfere with the acting. They go out in the public and sit with legs all spread out, forgetting that it is not a culturally accepted stance for women.

I am excited to borrow and incorporate aspects of Takarazuka Revue in my next paintings. It will be a good addition to the languages that I have already layed out in my previous works.

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