My deepest desire is......

For the last few years, as I got to understand more about myself, I found out my deepest desire; to be valued and respected.

I practice it in both everyday life and when I'm creating an identity as an artist. Learning to say no, making smart choices, showing up on time (This needs a little work...), and simply doing things that I said I'll do.

I don't want to be just any artist. I want to be a smart artist who are educated and have a strong purpose for what I do. A well rounded artist who can write and speak about my work with confidence.

Nobody have to like my work, but they are going to see the density of my paintings and are rooted in history and thought provoking.

Establishing value and respect does not happen overnight. It requires consistency. Showing up on time not just today but every single day. If I decide working in the studio for three hours everyday is a necessity to be successful, it better darn happen.

I find people who possesses strong sense of self and direction, thirst for knowledge and continual growth sexy, inspiring, exhilarating, and just pure greatness. There is no other sesse of belonging than surrounded by these people and the right environment that can enhance, strengthen, and cherish these attributes.

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