Lampo Leong, Incscape

Today, I went to see an exhibition by my former professor, Lampo Leong at Imago Gallery and cultural Center.

My first body of work was created under his teachings and I had a solo exhibition in the same year. Before I took his class, I didn't fully understand the concept of "body of work". Like most students, I struggled with the process. Since then, my body of work had been shaped, molded, and evolved by new experiences, different professors, and critiques from colleagues.

He is a very serious, yet kind teacher. I remember receiving advice on poster and postcard design for my exhibition. He taught me I should always have audience in mind when designing, and time, date, and location should be as specific as possible. I believe he also designed the poster for this exhibition.

In class, he showed us various things we can accomplish as an artist. Getting commissions for public works, serve as a judge for upcoming exhibitions, giving talks and lectures, and many others. I remember thinking to myself how I want to be a well-rounded artist like him.

I have to say, It is very inspiring to go see my former professors' new artwork from time to time. It encourages me to strive to be a better artist.

Detailed pictures of his pieces

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